Battlefield 2 modding tools & hacks

Few creations of my dev’ing.


bf2editor.exe that can use up to 3GB (on properly configured 32bit windows) or 4GB (on 64bit windows) of RAM.

BF2 Editor version: 1.3


Forgotten Hope 2 map packing tools

Script provided here may be obsolote. Since Forgotten Hope 2.46 map packing script is part of the release.
See mods\fh2\

Toolset neccesarry for creating custom maps in FH2.

Based on FH2 packing scripts by [FH]ctz

- extract all the .py files into mod directory (for example "mods/fh2")
- run (or [mapname])

Requires Python 2.5 2.6 or 2.7 -


RendDX9.dll working without 800×600 mode

This is RendDX9.dll hacked not to switch to 800×600 mode (regardles of what default and use configs are) at startup. This makes it possible to run BF2 on system which doesn’t support 800×600.

NOTE: This will cause PunkBuster to kick you from servers!


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